LETTUCE Lactuca sativa

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Variety Maturity Head Color Head Size Bolting Tolerance Remarks
Heat Cold
ASAGIRINEW Extra Early Green Medium Small Early + +++ Butter head
OLYMPIA Extra Early Light Green Medium Small Late +++ + Crisp head
U-LAKES Early Light Green Medium Extra Late +++ ++ Crisp head
GREEN IMPULSE Early Deep Green Medium Large Extra Late +++ ++ Leaf
RED IMPULSE Early Bright Red Medium Late +++ + Leaf

Butter head type with extra early maturity and, dark green leaf color.
Good for the cultivation of the low temperature from Winter to Spring harvesting.
Excellent for low temperature extension and High yield
It is not slow bolting. So, please be careful about cultivation of the high temperature.
OLYMPIA Muck Soil type variety with extra early maturity, harvestable in 60-65 days after sowing. Slow bolting, excellent tolerance to heat. One of the best varieties for summer cropping. Light green, well wrapped, compact head, 500 gms in weight.
U-LAKES Empire type variety with early maturity. Very slow bolting, tolerant to heat, suitable for early summer and autumn cropping in temperate regions. Light green head, weight about 600 gms. Excellent uniformity.
GREEN IMPULSE Early maturity leaf lettuce. Very slow bolting. Excellent deep green leaves. Strong tolerance to hot and suitable for summer harvest under cold regions.
RED IMPULSE Early maturity leaf lettuce. Slow bolting, excellent contrast between deep bright red leaves and light green basic color. Strong tolerance to hot and suitable for summer harvest under cold regions.