CARROT Daucus carota

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Variety Season Maturity Root Leaves Tolerance/Resistance
Sowing Harvest Shape Length (cm) Weight (g) Uniformity Color Heat Freezing Cracking Bolting Habit Alternaria leaf blight Powderly mildew
ANNA Spring/Summer Autumn/Winter Mid-early Conical 16-18 200-250 Good Deep red Vigorous +++ +++ +++ ++++ ++ +
CAMILLA Spring/Summer Autumn/Winter Medium Cylind-conical 18 – 22 200-350 Very good Red-Orange Small ++ +++ ++++ +++ ++++ ++++
KINKAN Summer Autumn-Winter Early Conical 16 – 18 200-250 Good Yellow Vigorous +++ + ++ + ++ ++

ANNA Kuroda type hybrid with wide sowing season adaptability. Suitable for summer sowing and early sowing. Good level of bolting tolerance, 17-22 cm long conical root with stumped tip, 180-250 g weight. Good seedling vigor in early growth stage, upright and vigorous foliage, suitable for mechanical harvest. Excellent appearance with deep orange external and internal color.
CAMILLA Kuroda type hybrid with wide environmental adaptability. Suitable for spring and summer sowing, 18-22 cm long cylindrical root shape with stumped tip, 200-350 g weight. Best uniformity and smooth skin. High tolerance to Alternaria leaf blight, Leaf spot and Powdery mildew. Good tolerance to cavity spot and freezing.
KINKAN Unique early hybrid with yellow color. Suitable for summer sowing, 16-18 cm long root, 200-250 g weight. Recommended for juice as well as salad and cooking uses.