BROCCOLI Brassica oleracea   (italica group)

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Variety Sowing Season Relative Maturity Plant Habit Head Side Shoot Disease Resistance
Color Beads Dome Shape
DOME 88 Late autumn to Early winter Medium Early Semi-upright Dark Green Medium Excellent Rare
SPEED DOME Spring / Summer Extra Early Semi-upright Shiny Dark Green medium – small Excellent Rare
JET DOME Spring / Summer Extra Early Upright Shiny Dark Green Small Fine Rare
SACHIYOSHI Summer Medium Early Upright Dark Green Very Small Excellent Rare

DOME 88 Medium-early maturity of 85 days after transplanting. Semi upright plant with thick stem, and high dome in shape with dark green medium beads. This variety adapts to late autumn to early winter.
SPEED DOME Extra early maturity of 60 days after transplanting. Semi-upright plants with round and high dome. Speed dome is well suited for spring and autumn harvesting. Hollow core tolerant.
JET DOME Extra early maturity of 55 days after transplanting. Upright plant with dark green fine-dome shaped smooth head. Tolerant strongly to heat. Suitable for spring, summer and autumn production, especially for summer harvesting.
SACHIYOSHI Medium early maturity of 65 days after transplanting. Upright plant, green excellent dome-shaped head with very small beads. Adaptable to any growing condition attribute to strong root system. Tolerant to cold.