Mikado Kyowa Seed is a Business Unit of agricultural co-operative group Limagrain.
Founded and managed by farmers, Limagrain is the 4th largest seed company in the world.As Mikado Kyowa Seed, we are dedicated to meeting international farmers needs through high quality seeds.
Our core business is to breed, produce and sell vegetable seeds for professionals.
Mikado Kyowa Seed is positioned right at the start of the food chain.
We apply state-of the art breeding techniques. Within the worldwide Limagrain Breeding network, we are constantly working to improve the effectiveness of our breeding process.

As MKS Management, our primary target is to offer our employees enjoyable conditions of work.
This requires a pleasant working atmosphere.
The trust I place in our employees is rewarded with loyalties, high motivation, enormous dedication and involvement which in turn offers numerous benefits to our customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Rodolphe MILLET
Chief Executive Officer
Takako SAKAI
Deputy Chief Executive Officer